Some Comments

“I’ve never seen anyone make writing more inviting. You somehow take the fear out of it for everyone and get people to write who have this vague desire, but don’t know how to begin. You make it easy and I don’t doubt that if you were in the U.N. we would suddenly have world peace and people would be saying, ‘How in the world did she do it?'” –Bob Morgan

“I participated in Nan Phifer’s Spiritual Memoirs writing workshop and it was a life-changing event. Not only did she teach writing techniques that have increased my productivity by 100%, but she also inspired me to write what was in my heart. This is one of the best investments of time and money I have ever made. If you want your writing to sing and be a joyful experience, take this workshop. Nan is a writer’s angel!” –Holly Higgins

“Nan, keep going always – you uncover the unknown – the sweetness and absurd of life!” –Roy K. Johnston

“I absolutely LOVED the Lectio Divina process! Reading back the phrases that resonated from each others’ writing felt like creating a poem. My group was tender and sensitive – and I found unexpected tears falling while they read my words back to me.” –Lynn Wu

“The gentle, penetrating way you pull us deep inside ourselves, our pasts, is a skill not many people have. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for coming to our little community for such a wonderful afternoon.” –Jeany Culwell

“With an engaging and warm manner, Nan was able to guide each person into a process of gathering images, words, and ideas from his or her life that then became the seeds that brought forth stories. The atmosphere she created was relaxed, nurturing, and yet we accomplished so much writing . . . .” –Susan Walker, Program Associate, The Church of the Epiphany, Washington, DC

“Breathing Life into Your Writing was every bit as good, if not better than the first presentation you gave here last year — perhaps because there were so many repeat attendees . . . . You’re always so well prepared and have such a sensitive touch in your comments and responses to the participants.” –Carol Heepke, Program Coordinator, Boulder Public Library, Boulder, CO

“For those weeks I found myself belonging to a new family of writers and seekers. Together we explored, we shared; laughed often and occasionally felt tears flowing. It was an experience that enabled me to view and then examine my life, without judgment, as and observer to a story, and as a continuum. The process of writing provided an aperture to witness the tough events of my life as an expression of my journey.” –Bonnie Hennessey, RN, BA, CHC

“All of your workshops are life giving.” –G. Richard Wheatcroft