Cover of the book 'Memoirs of the Soul' by Nan Phifer

"[Phifer] offers a structured, well-organized process for writers to follow, which includes specific exercises, inspiring quotations, and examples of student work from her memoir-writing workshops...This how-to is highly recommended for all public libraries." —Library Journal

Writing Memoirs

with Nan Phifer

Photo of Nan Phifer, smiling, sitting in front of a window

"Nan Phifer is a stealth bomber. She sneaks in, appears sweet and gentle and lovely, but then opens us up, through writing, to our own explosive promise." —Kae Evensen


"Memoirs of the Soul will be forever on my recommended lists. . .”
—Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Author and instructor, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program
Photo of Nan Phifer standing and talking to a group of eight seated adult students